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In high school, I wassexually abusedand picked on. However, I believe I was born an addict.

  • I enjoy being a link in the support chain for others as well as that only strengthens my own resolve.
  • I simply have to take the time to notice.
  • At her core, she knew something was still not right.
  • I embraced this “warning” label persona so much that I even printed one out and taped it to my shirt one night before going out.
  • Choosing recovery close to home means your support system is just a few miles away.
  • But I was so deep into my disease that I didn’t ease up on my drinking.

Beside me were 8 younger cousins, who, as cousins do, looked up to me, and what they saw was a person giving alcohol value. It’s been 794 days since going sober, and in the 2 years of this sober journey, a fog has lifted from over my hindsight allowing me to remember and reflect on moments like this.

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But, I maintained my grades and graduated on time. I was actually sorely hungover during graduation since I stayed up all night the day before taking pills and drinking.

Is sobriety good for mental health?

Mental Focus and Clarity

Better mental health, in general, is one of the most obvious benefits of being sober. The less you fill your body with chemicals and toxins that aren't supposed to be there–especially in excess, as it would be with addiction–the more you'll notice your mental focus and mental clarity.

To remain in treatment, though, she had to stay clean. This was initially responsible for her sobering up. When the program ended, she moved into transitional housing. To anyone out there struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, just know that you are not alone.

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I was very fearful of beginning a romantic relationship. My wife had a miscarriage about a year after the birth of our second child. I didn’t wish to have any more children. In my mind, we had had enough discussion about our family size, and I proceeded to go ahead with a vasectomy. Our marriage became further strained, as my wife apparently still wanted additional children.

sobriety success stories

I clearly remember three distinct thoughts. Though we were married, I do not believe that we were ever really intimate. If we got into an argument, the resolution typically came after weeks of not speaking to each other. I do not https://ecosoberhouse.com/ remember ever experiencing feelings as I do today. I recollect, even as a preteen, prior to my drinking career, not being able to feel sorrow at my Grandmother’s funeral, forcing myself to cry just to fit in with the family.

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“I was hanging out in Kensington in the freezing cold, and I suddenly had a moment of sanity. It was like my head and my heart were both suddenly on the same exact page, and I thought, “What are you doing? Don feels that he relapsed because his spirituality was missing. Don initially rejected the concept of a higher power. Like many others before him, though, he stumbled upon a healing force that’s both intangible and unexplainable. Choosing recovery close to home means your support system is just a few miles away. After 9 years of multiple facilities we found JourneyPure.

sobriety success stories

One thing led to another and I ended up blacking out and “sleep walking” several times a week. sobriety success stories I tried IOP but it was too religious for me and the idea of me being helpless was foreign.

How to talk to your friends & family, go on dates, find new hobbies, and find comfort in your new sobriety. Plus, a…

I found an approach that respects everyone’s individuality, indeed urging you to discover what you need to do to maintain your sobriety. About eight years later I managed, with virtually no withdrawal discomfort/anxiety, to stop smoking and drinking, which began a cycle of sobriety/relapse lasting the next twenty-nine years. A friend who I love and respect had moved away from AA and into LifeRing. She was living proof that people leave AA and don’t necessarily drink. I asked her about LifeRing and she steered me to the website. I had ‘permission’ to craft my own programme .

  • It’s not my whole life, but it can be a bridge to where I can reconnect with people in society and I can reconnect with friends and family and use tools that I’ve learned to engage with another person.
  • However, I believe I was born an addict.
  • I rationalized that the vomiting might be due to food poisoning.
  • They supported me through my entire journey.
  • There are as many ways to live free of drugs and alcohol as there are stories of successful sober people.

If you have had a positive experience with our support groups and addiction treatment programs, we invite you to share it with us. Your story could be the motivation for someone to take the first steps to recovery or to follow through during the later stages. “I was about 15 to 16 years old when I went to Cornerstone for meth addiction treatment. I had been using for over a year and had destroyed my family and my life. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. But week after week I got better and I began to realize that the people I thought were my friends really weren’t. If they had been, they would have been right by my side going through the withdrawals with me.

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