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    Being the best and leading training provider especially in Batam and in Indonesia at large.


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    Providing satisfaction to clients in conducting training and consultation
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    Providing wholehearted services in the implementation of training and consultation with attention to quality for sustainability
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    Serve professionally with two-way communication
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    Developing client professionalism and competence especially in the field of K3
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    Carry out ongoing evaluations for the best and latest quality

Our Purpose

Assist companies in finding solutions and solving a variety of K3 problems in the workplace, so as to reduce the level of loss (loss) either a work accident / accident, which can cause loss of work hours, reduce productivity, or even impact that can interfere with the image and company reputation.

Our Benefit

The advantage of training with us is getting a free consultation, experienced and qualified instructors, the latest training methods, the best service, etc.

We prepare selected instructors / trainers who have good experience and ability and are qualified in the fields they teach and have good attitude and behavior when and professionally

Training Material

The training material that we prepared is the latest (updated) and well-organized, so that it can provide the best knowledge to the participants.

Training Method

We prepare the best training methods, so that participants will be able to understand well the topics given. We provide a free consultation after the training session is finished and we also conduct an assessment of the participants for the benefit of our clients after 1 month (if the client agrees) to ensure that the knowledge and expertise that has been taught is still controlled by them. The assessment can be done by email (electronic mail) and the results of the assessment will be reported to our clients so that our clients can find out the progress of the training that has been conducted for each employee that they send.